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Welcome to new Bush Club members Septembe 2018

Hilary George, Alison Job, Gordon Wilson, Mario Wong, Ross Edwards

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Other news

May 2018 - amendment (additional info) added to medical and emergency form

December 2017 - Minutes of the 2017 AGM, including all reports

November 2017 - new committee

November 2017 - Spring newsletter

September 2017 - link to Newsletter Winter 2017

April 2017 - Ambulance FAQs added to website

March 2017 - revised procedures for incident/accident reporting

March 2017 - Policy change on Cancellation of walks

March 2017 - Contents added to Walks and Talks Index

October 2016 - new Incident Claim Form

July 2016 - more reproduced Walks and Talks added to archive

May 2016 - new list of all forms and downloads

October 2015 - editable Walk Report form added to Forms for Leaders

October 2015 - new policies added to Policies and Guidelines page

August 2015 - new policies and guidelines page includes everything you need to know about how the club works

April 2015 - new policies added to Policies page

January 2015 - Reports from November 2015 AGM

26 October 2013 - new "How to.....' page

14 April 2013 - online form to submit walks

23 January 2013 - Using ‘bits’ of the electronic walks programme

30 October 2012 - instructions for adding the electronic programme link to your internet browser or iDevice (Useful links)

17 October 2012 - new link for bushwalking in Victoria

28 September 2012 - Dealing with snake bite - article from SBW Richard Darke

7 September 2012 - revised transport sharing cost 25c per kilometre

28 July 2012 - new information for leaders re Bush Club insurance

12 May 2012 - new link to RFS about hazard reduction burns (Useful Links)

20 March 2012: Bushwalking and bushcare projects

19 March 2012: Great Grose Weed Walk program

18 February 2012: Track notes and talks at Mt Hotham - see our Track info Links page

11 February 2012: New BWRS emergency number on Walk and Abseil Report forms

28 December 2011: accommodation deals in NZ and Kiandra (NSW).

4 December 2011: new link to great website with lots of photos and track notes from the Greater Blue Mountains by club member Peter Medbury - see our Track info Links page

2 December 2011: Leaders, click here to submit your SNW via our online form

27 November 2011: guidelines for leading joint walks with other clubs

16th October 2011: Info from NSW Dept of Sport and Rec about accommodation for clubs in Jindabyne. See the Accommodation section on our Useful Links page

17th September 2011: Doing the GNW? There's some accommodation available that you may not know about. Check the Accommodation page

26th August 2011: New BWRS contact on Leaders Walk Report form - Please cross off Kaye if you've got some already printed

29th July 2011: Access to old Bush Club newsletters back to 2008

28th May 2011: Interesting online article about safety issues when crossing creeks - see bottom of Useful links page

23rd May 2011: Online application form for prospective applicants

22nd May 2011: What to pack for a day walk - added to Notes for Walkers

17 April 2011: Resources page - New links for coastal walks around Sydney

4 March 2011: transport sharing costs now 33c per kilometre

16 January 2011: fascinating link for statistics buffs - weather in Katoomba, added to Useful Links page

30 August: 2010 Annual Accounts

7 July 2010: New walk report form with altered sign-off

30 June 2010: Reduced membership fees

1 June 2010: Slight change to Privacy Policy, par 3

7 May 2010: New grading guidelines

6 May 2010: new links to info about walks

April 2010: New walks submission forms with guidelines for walk descriptions

7th March 2010: 2009 Bush Club accounts

14 December 2009: new recipe for dehyd meat & veg

29 November 2009: new recipe for dehyd vegetables + printable versions of all recipes

18 October 2009: Completed 70 Rivers list with photo pages

10 October 2009: New policy - Discriminationand sexual harassment

10 April 2009: new page of notes for leadersand walkers

Bits and pieces

Travelling second last

A note to train travellers.

We have changed our tradition of travelling in the second carriage on trains. It's now the second last carriage due to short platforms.

Transport sharing costs

Click here for the current formula.

Miscellaneous bits

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Aerial imagery from the DPI

Safety issues

Snake bandage

A really good item for your first aid kit (for any walk in the bush) is a Setopress high compression bandage, for snake or spider bites. It has markings on it which show you the exact amount of tension to use on the bitten limb.

Dealing with snake bite

- article from SBW Skills Enhancement Secretary Richard Darke

Interesting online article about safety issues when crossing creeks - (Close the window to return here)

Please note that we don't condone crossing streams under any circumstances in dangerous conditions.

Cds available

The 70 Rivers book was a great success!

Did you know that booklets were also produced for the Bush Club's 50th and 60th anniversaries?

These have been scanned and are now available on the one CD for $10 including postage.

Be amazed at the places travelled to 20 years ago, and the 60 mountains climbed 10 years ago.

Contact for a copy

DIY Recipe for insect repellant

Mix a few drops of Cedarwood and Rosemary oils into a sorbolene cream. Rub a small amount of the cream to face,, arms etc (ears even). Spread gently for even cover.

It smells great to humans but keeps the bugs away.


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