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Apart from your name, all of the boxes below are optional. They're just a guide for the sort of points to include.

So that the pages are all consisent, please just say: Likes to ......, prefers...........

Apart from that, please type it as you'd like people to see it (so I can just copy and paste your answers).

Please send in a photo - any size - to

Links to the Leader profiles are at the bottom of the current sheet of the online program. Only members have access to this.

* Name

History of walking with club eg became e full member in which year, number of years as a leader, as a committee member

Do you belong to other clubs? What are they? Do you lead for them?

Where do you usually lead walks? Include local areas, interstate, overseas. Be as general or specific as you like

Style of walks you lead

The examples below are just a guide to the sort of things to include (or rule out):

  • all on track, off track, exploratory, packwalks, overseas, long-distance accommodated, wilderness, exploratory, no exposure
  • public transport/club cars, will organise car pooling
  • pace you like your walks to be - be really truthful with this one
  • grade
  • group management eg prefer walkers not to get in front of leader, prepared to let group walk at own pace at times etc
  • contact leader, no-contact, both
  • anything else eg likes to stop at lookouts, can be distracted by wildflowers or rocky outcrops to climb

Helping other leaders

I would be happy to help out with reccies or pre-walks, including with new or potential leaders

If so, what are the areas where you'd do reccies or pre-walks?

I would be happy to help out as a substitute leader

If so, what are the areas where you'd substitute?

I would be happy to act as a mentor for new leaders occasionally, eg in advising, planning a walk, organising transport details, co-leading, map-reading and navigation

Is so, which of these would you be prepared to help out with and for what walking areas?

Include my name and contact details at the end of the program so that I can be contacted directly by other leaders? (They won't be included on your profile page.)

Add your contact details here in order of preference, only if you've ticked the box directly above:

Any other comments about your walks or suggestions for this form?


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